Welcome To Jewish Guelph!

944594_225101764308064_1409962450_n.jpgClass of 2019! How exciting, but also overwhleming. New people, new places, new rules. Luckily you have a warm and friendly home ready to welcome you at Chabad. The next 4 years will define who you will be as a person - for the rest of your life. In so many ways, your coellge years influence your personality, from the classes you take to the friends you make, to the nightlife, to your Jewish experience.

"Jewish experience?" you ask, "that wasn't on my to-do list at Guelph".

Well then welcome to Chabad of Guelph, you're soon to find out that doing Jewish at Guelph is the next big thing on the block. If done right it will enlighten you and answer some of the most pressing questions you'll have during this new phase in your life. Below is some of the basic Jewish info but feel free to email Rabbi Shua for more information.

Shabbat and Holidays

Shabbat Table (small)Celebrating Shabbat in Guelph is one of the greatest experiences you can have. We begin with lively services continued with a gourmet, home cooked dinner by Nechama. After a long, sometimes stressful work week, winding down at Chabad with good friends, good food and good vibes is a true pleasure. We're here for all the holidays too so fear not, Jewish celebration at Guelph is just beginning. Click here for more Shabbat info.

Kosher in Guelph

135859147_4e67ec34ee.jpgBesides for Shabbat and holidays where you can find a delicious meal at Chabad, Creelman Hall has a daily Kosher Meal provided by Toronto Kosher. You will need to let the Cafeteria know a day in advance, that you want a kosher meal. At this time Guelph does not have a full kosher meal option.

Do This

A. Get to know us; browse the about pages on our site.

B. Check out pictures of our programming.

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